Stop Child Sexual Abuse - Introduction

Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 1

Hello everyone.
I stated in my initial POST that we are starting a training session on stopping Child sexual abuse in conjunction with Ibukun Onitiju and Praise Fowowe.
Please relax, read, enjoy, learn and forward to others, let us stop these pedophiles in our society.

Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 1

Mind & Mouth is privileged and pleased to be partnering with an authority in Sex & Family Matters in Nigeria to deliver this training.
I have personally learnt from and been under training with Praise Fowowe, the visionary leader for Praise Fowowe International ( Let’s meet Praise Fowowe:
Praise Fowowe is an International sexuality education strategist / Advisor, family life coach and crisis manager. He is driven and highly passionate about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in Africa as well as build the most desirable marriages in the country.
A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on relationships that have been applauded all over the nation as one of the most effective when it comes to sexuality and relationship issues. With over 12 years experience of handling family life issue all over the country, Praise is one of the best you would ever listen to on sex and family life matters. As a family life educator, Praise has authored what is regarded as the most complete sexuality education kit for families and schools in Nigeria and his 18-hour Sex Recovery Hub training session has helped many organizations prevent and respond to child sexual abuse and various addictive behaviours.
An accounting graduate turned sex recovery expert. Praise has handled the Sexuality education session for the secondary school students in Lagos state courtesy of the First Lady of Lagos in the last 4 years and has consulted for several religious and governmental agencies on child sexual abuse prevention and response.
Praise has been awarded the prestigious LEAP/NOKIA/IYF leadership award for the prevention of HIV/AIDS as well as the Yellow Ribbon Award by Media Concern on women and children for the prevention of child sexual abuse.
He is a well sought after speaker who covers several miles annually speaking to hundreds of thousands of people all over the country and beyond. Praise writes the soar away Lovebirds with Praise column every Friday on This day newspaper as well as the celebrate Sex in the city column in YES magazine.
As a social worker Praise has worked with young people in the Ajegunle area of Lagos in the last 8years transforming their lives and putting smiles on their faces every Sunday evening (Gold in the slum).
He is married to Oluwatosin and they are blessed
with a son and a daughter.
 Contrary to reports that child sexual abuse is reducing, the truth is it’s actually on the increase in our part of the world (in Africa and among African families irrespective of where they live). I wouldn’t want to scare you as a parent but would not also want you to assume that your little child is not being touched by someone not totally far away from you, someone you probably know.
A couple of years ago there was a declaration that children were gradually going into extinction – real children. A lot of parents called to ask about my opinion on the declaration and I answered by asking a few questions which I will also ask you as a parent:
-          When was the last time you saw children gather on your street to play children games. (Drawing squares on the ground and taking turns (10 – 10), building castles in the sand etc)
-          When was the last time you saw a kite being flown by a child on your street (even in the slums and the villages)
-          When was the last time you saw children play hide and seek?
-          When was the last time you saw a child’s song being played by any radio or TV station? Very little values coming from the media to inspire our kids.
-          What songs and movies do our children see at the moment?
If you compare what you did as a child to what your child is doing you would have been able to discover that we may not really have children after all.
I was shocked at how much 4 year olds know about two popular Mexican soaps ‘When you are mine (they call it Diego and Paloma) and ‘Second chance’.
Sometimes I even wonder if we ever think of their existence because most of the movies in the market have adults rating. But don’t 4-7 year olds also see the movies at the end of the day?
We hosted a Basic sexuality education workshop for parents and teachers handling 18 months – 12 year olds recently  and it was an eye opener for most of the parents that made it to the workshop because of the many aspects of their children they were blind to. 
So if your 14 year old says ‘That girl’s Liverpool is an arsenal’ do you understand what it means?
If your 12 year old talks about her friend being more courageous than she is, do you understand what it means?
If you have a child with an email that reads do you understand the implication?
The truth is that you can’t effectively be a child’s teacher without first of all being his/her student. So the question you may want to ask is when should sex education start? Who should teach it? And how should it be taught?
I will try and open us to some of the things I feel you should know as a parent as we explore what to teach about sex from 18 months -12 years.
Now the answers to the raised questions are:
Sex education should start at 18 months to be taught by you as a parent but the how to go about it is the purpose of this training series so ensure you don’t miss this series in the next 5 weeks because I will be sharing some of the things you need to know about your child and his/her sexuality.
In case you don’t know, Britain has been able to give the world the youngest mother who became pregnant at 11. We have a lot of work to do and like we say sexual education must start from home.
In this series, we shall cover the following:
18 months 3 years – My Body and I
3 5 years – Curiosity and I
5 - 8years – Awareness and I
8 - 12years – Life is good
It’s not just training though, it is also interactive, and so you can ask questions, seek advice and ask to get consultation from Praise Fowowe International. You can leave comments on the post, or send e-mails to  or (indicating Mind & Mouth in your correspondence)
To be continued.

So till next week, thanks for stopping by, stay positive xxx


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