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As we are rounding up this year, I have decided to count my blessings and look back on all the wonderful things God has done for me in 2013. I know it is easier to dwell on the things He has not done, the goals that were not achieved and the many things I trusted God to do this year that has not being done but then again, I remember that "only great fools are not grateful". I also remember that only the living can dream, can complain, can cry, can have goals and since am still alive, God deserves my gratitude. So without much ado, Let me start counting the blessings I have enjoyed so far in 2013 especially the ones money can't buy :
1. Life - I can't thank God enough for being alive, I try as much as possible not to take it for granted that I AM ALIVE. Many people have died this year and my being alive is not because I am more righteous or more prayerful, its simply by the mercy and grace of God.
2. God - I am super grateful for my relationship with God, for knowing…


If there is one thing I have learnt in this short life of mine and in my even shorter journey as a Christian, it is that there is little we can achieve on our own. I know that we are told every day by motivational speakers, pastors, media and co that we should dream bigger, work harder, do this better, aim higher, do this and do that but I am here to tell you that even with all the rules and principles, THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  Yeah, I just said that, sue The reason am writing about grace is because I suddenly thought about my life, my family, my dreams and desires, where I am today, where I want to be tomorrow, where I wish I was and I realized that even though am not exactly "living the dream", I have come farther than I expected I will and I can only attribute it to GRACE. Even our journey as Christians is a grace - journey because as much as we try to walk the walk and talk the talk, we still make some "mistakes' here and there and even…

FOR SINGLES ONLY - #thesinglelife

Hello my People, hope we are enjoying life and enjoying God.

So I saw this beautiful and insightful post on Femmetotale a really great blog for the contemporary christian young woman , you should check it out. Anyways, I saw this post for singles and I thought it will be great to share it with my fellow singles Its a long read but its worth it. So sit back, read, learn and share. God bless you.
For singles only – #TheSingleLife
Thursday evening and I had just come home from work. It was one of those extremely busy days at the office. As I climbed up the stairs, the only thing on my mind was how to lie on my bed and have a really long sleep. The moment I got in, I took off my shoes and lay on the floor, too tired to even shower before falling into a sound slumber. I eventually woke up just a few minutes after I slept, my phone was just blaring into my ears much to my chagrin. I had no choice but to freshen up and get comfortable. Then I picked up the phon…


Read part one of this post to get the full gist...*winks*

Okay, a miracle happened and the miracle was very unexpected, it came at a time I least expected it. I was praying but you know the way most of us behave na, we will pray and pray and yet in our minds, we are rationalizing that what we are asking for will come at "so and so" So this is how the miracle happened - I suddenly got leave for one week at work, and because the leave was totally unexpected, I didn't have plans except to sleep, eat and laze around. The first morning of my leave , I just decided to visit the Secondary School I had in mind for the program with my request letter. I saw the Vice principal and he was so pleasant, after a short discussion, he told me the school was going on mid - term break but that they were resuming the following Monday and he said I could come and hold the program on the Wednesday after resumption.  I was surprised, frightened, happy, and some other reactions I ca…


If there is one thing that I am passionate about besides God and my family, its the female gender. I can't remember how, why or when I started but one thing I do remember is that whenever I hear about women being abused, violated or treated unfairly, I was always going on and on about it, in fact some of my friends know that if they want to get me worked up, just start talking about women being maltreated.  As I was growing older, I discovered and learnt that if you don't like something the way it is, then do something about it. So I started thinking and praying, what can I do about the issues that women go through that usually upsets me? Because I knew it wasn't enough to just complain and rant and shout or even pray, I knew I needed to try and effect change in my own little way. Anyways, about 4 years ago while I was still in the University, I got this fantastic idea to organize a program for ladies in my school that will educate us about sex, dating, marriage, e.t.c b…

WEDDINGS. .. and so much more

I love weddings, I really really do. I doubt there's any lady that doesn't like weddings anyway. Where do I start from sef, is it the wedding dress or the cake or the hair or the wedding colours? Most of us ladies already had/have our dream wedding dresses in mind, our type of venue, the kind of traditional attire we will wear for the traditional wedding, we already had our wedding colours in mind, the bridal train e.t.c way way before we even met /meet the groom to be. Now that weddings are even a big deal around here now, one has to pay extra attention to details. Everybody wants a wedding that people will remember for a long time. Even me, as much as I complain that am usually busy during the weekends, I usually like to go to weddings because its a chance to dress up, meet old friends, see the bride's wedding gown (I usually look out for that), the cake (this one too is very important), the rice (especially the ones that smell like they've been cooked using the fi…

1000 VIEWS....10,000 REASONS

Yaaaayyyyyyyy, its my blog's 1000 views celebration, (dancing azonto, kukere, skelewu,and limpopo altogether). I can't quite believe it that people have taken time to read all my ramblings and whining on this blog. I am grateful, really really super duper grateful because it means the whole world to me that something that I thought will never see the light of the day has been viewed 1000 times. I am also grateful because when I suddenly had this brain wave to start a blog in February, I never thought in my wildest imagination that by September of the same year I would have had people view that same blog 1000 times. I remember the first post I wrote, I remember how inadequate and unsure I was, I remember the excitement of posting the "supposed jargon", I remember how scared I was after posting it, fear of people not reading it, fear of writing rubbish, fear of grammatical errors (lol), fear that I wont have anything else to post after that, fear that the blog will ev…

Don't Worry it's YOU he chose....

Hello My people. I stumbled on a lovely blog, saw a particularly lovely post and decided to re-blog it. This is especially to all ladies out there ( single and married), it is a call to valuing ourselves and remembering that we are first human beings (beautiful ones at that) that are created to be loved and cherished before we become someone's girlfriend or wife. So, sit back, enjoy, learn and share.

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You know I have heard this phrase so much it’s becoming old and irritating. It’s used to excuse cheating partners and husbands, tolerate bad behaviour and accept nuisances.
“Don’t worry, at least it’s you he chose”..
Perhaps, I don’t really understand the meaning of that sentence fully. Yes, I know that the man finds the wife as stated in the bible that “when a man FINDS a wife, he finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”. Actually, it is a thing of pride and of joy to be ‘found’ but many people have used and abused that s…


Hello everyone, its good to be back here once again.  Recently, I read some posts on Bellanaija that concerns marriage, "They want to feel wanted all the time" and  "a guy will always weigh his options". In my opinion, as good as these articles are, especially in these days of marriages dissolving after 2 days or 2 months, its quite necessary to teach people how to make their marriage work. However, I feel these articles are making it seem like it is the job of the woman alone to make a marriage work which I think is totally unfair and untrue (we will leave this topic for another day). In the light of this, I think it is very necessary to share with you what we were taught when my Church - Lighthouse, organized a program for singles (The Marriage Orientation Program)it was quite insightful and I think sharing some tips on KNOWING WHOM TO MARRY ( thank me later..winks) can help us avoid some unnecessary wahala later on in marriage. Here we go:
1.You will know you a…


I thought the worst that could happen to the female gender in Nigeria had already happened. After all, women were being raped everyday without anything being done about it, the excuse is that ladies dress provocatively and so they asked for it. Little girls are molested everyday with the pedophiles going scott free, the family members are usually too "ashamed" to talk about it because it is a "taboo" so everyone pretends its normal and we go about our daily hustle. The issue of domestic violence is not considered an issue at all even though some women have been beaten to death, it is considered normal afterall the husband is the head of the family so if the wife misbehaves, she should be disciplined. Some women are made to sleep with the dead bodies of their husband, drink the water that was used to bathe the dead body and even chased out of their homes ( especially if dem no born boy) because they have the "misfortune" of out-living their husbands. Some…


Okay, I have come again with my ramblings and this time around, its something that has been on my mind lately - I want MORE.... It seems am going through a sort of mid - life crisis (lol) because these days, am beginning to question everything that has always made sense, am getting restless. My birthday is about 28 days away (August 1st, so get your gifts ready ..*winks*) and well, am a few years short of the BIG 30, maybe thats why I've been thinking this way lately. Now when I say "More", I don't mean money or material things(of course I want plenty of that)  what I mean is that I want my life to count more, I want to affect lives more, I want to influence my generation more, I want to be more considerate, I want to be more compassionate, I want to be more loving, more concerned about what is happening in my society, more committed to God, more committed to growth and development. I don't want to wake up one day and discover that all I have to my life is that …

Love and Submission

Hello blogfam, its really been a while and its taken me a while to write this post because the submission issue is particularly a touchy one especially for women. Am at that stage in life where everyone you meet is asking " when are you getting married"? and with this question comes the usual advice(whether you requested for it or not)..." you have to be submissive as a woman, don't be too independent, don't be too choosy ..."and the list of advice goes on and on. Anyways, after hearing the "submissive word a lot of times and seeing the way women react to it whenever it is mentioned , I decided to do a little research on why it is such a touchy issue. My research took me to where it was first mentioned - The Holy Bible, and this is what it says about it.... Instructions for Christian Households 21Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 22Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23For the husband is the head of the …


Hello my people, this particular post is for men...yelz. I know I have been focusing on my gender but I came across this post and I decided that guys needed to read this, so sit back, enjoy and learn, more importantly, share!!!

Guest Post byTroy Spry

Okay so check it out…I’m a little less than a month away from my wedding and it’s finally dawning on me that I am about to be married….I can see it now…all the ladies reading are like “awwwwwww” and all the fellas are like “you sure u wanna do that?” lol. Surprisingly enough my answer to that question is “YES.” Let me explain….
Ok so I know that as a man society tells us we are not supposed to be excited about marriage right. I know we are supposed to be victims of our own sexual appetites that we lustfully desire to feed with a plethora of women, but ultimately we are left still hungry for this little thing called SUBSTANCE! So as a result as men we fight this internal battle of sex vs. substance and while we are busy fighting w…


There is this saying that "you never know your limits until you push them" and everyday I have discovered more and more that its true. When you think  you can't survive another crisis or issue, something else happens and even though it initially felt like you were going down with the crisis, you are here, still standing strong. This goes to show that we have great capabilities and strength inside of us much more than we can ever imagine.
I know there are voices everyday, situations that makes you feel inadequate, less pretty, less smart, very weak but keep believing that you are stronger, more powerful, more talented and more beautiful than you think.
I have come to understand that there is an incredible amount of strength in us especially as women. We have lots of role to fill; wife, mother, sister, daughter, co -worker, friend e.t.c and sometimes when I think about it, even though am still single, I get scared and I wonder if I can fill all these roles and balance the…

The 1 Timothy 3 Man (part 2 and 3)

Hello everyone,  I am back with the part 2 and 3 of the 1 Timothy 3 man that  I re blogged from this really nice blog.
So sit back, enjoy, comment and share with others.
My Criteria...the measure of a man. { Part 2}

Hey Ladies.... This is the 2nd part of my "measure of a man" write up. On the first part,I got a lot of positive feedback for which I am grateful for but before I continue; let me re-iterate a fact; while I did use the bible to gauge Hubby, it was by NO means an easy process. I do not want you ladies thinking it was a piece of cake. There was a lot of turmoil because though I knew the right to do, it was still hard to do. It took a lot of prayer, tears and guidance.....Be it far from me to act like I got it all on lock down

Whew! Now that that`s over....back to the post! Hehe

Vs 3:He must not be a heavy drinker or be violent. He must be gentle, peace loving, and not one who loves money.

Need I elaborate on this one? Basically, don't marry Remi I wont in…