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WEDDINGS. .. and so much more

I love weddings, I really really do. I doubt there's any lady that doesn't like weddings anyway. Where do I start from sef, is it the wedding dress or the cake or the hair or the wedding colours? Most of us ladies already had/have our dream wedding dresses in mind, our type of venue, the kind of traditional attire we will wear for the traditional wedding, we already had our wedding colours in mind, the bridal train e.t.c way way before we even met /meet the groom to be. Now that weddings are even a big deal around here now, one has to pay extra attention to details. Everybody wants a wedding that people will remember for a long time. Even me, as much as I complain that am usually busy during the weekends, I usually like to go to weddings because its a chance to dress up, meet old friends, see the bride's wedding gown (I usually look out for that), the cake (this one too is very important), the rice (especially the ones that smell like they've been cooked using the f