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1000 VIEWS....10,000 REASONS

Yaaaayyyyyyyy, its my blog's 1000 views celebration , (dancing azonto, kukere, skelewu,and limpopo altogether). I can't quite believe it that people have taken time to read all my ramblings and whining on this blog. I am grateful, really really super duper grateful because it means the whole world to me that something that I thought will never see the light of the day has been viewed 1000 times. I am also grateful because when I suddenly had this brain wave to start a blog in February, I never thought in my wildest imagination that by September of the same year I would have had people view that same blog 1000 times. I remember the first post I wrote, I remember how inadequate and unsure I was, I remember the excitement of posting the "supposed jargon", I remember how scared I was after posting it, fear of people not reading it, fear of writing rubbish, fear of grammatical errors (lol), fear that I wont have anything else to post after that, fear that the blog wil

Don't Worry it's YOU he chose....

Hello My people. I stumbled on a lovely blog, saw a particularly lovely post and decided to re-blog it. This is especially to all ladies out there ( single and married), it is a call to valuing ourselves and remembering that we are first human beings (beautiful ones at that) that are created to be loved and cherished before we become someone's girlfriend or wife. So, sit back, enjoy, learn and share. ( Re-blogged from ) Lucky you?! You know I have heard this phrase so much it’s becoming old and irritating. It’s used to excuse cheating partners and husbands, tolerate bad behaviour and accept nuisances. “Don’t worry, at least it’s you he chose”.. Perhaps, I don’t really understand the meaning of that sentence fully. Yes, I know that the man finds the wife as stated in the bible that “when a man FINDS a wife, he finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”. Actually, it is a thing of pride and of joy to be ‘found’ but ma