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Relationship status : Its Complicated !!!

I know relationships are anything but simple, they are in most cases complicated. Every good relationship whether husband - wife, brother- sister, boyfriend - girlfriend and any other relationship you can think of, all require hard work, patience and trust. However, as much as I appreciate and recognize all these virtues that are needed in a relationship, I also believe that when you get to a point where you think or believe your life is in danger in a particular relationship, you should take cover because no relationship is worth dying useless and meaningless death for. Okay, I know you are beginning to wonder where this Dami girl is going today again, well, I want to talk about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, yes you heard me right. If there is one thing am so passionate about besides God and my family, its Domestic violence against women. I can't seem to understand or wrap my mind around the fact that a man you love and who professes to love you back will decide to punish you or teach you

Who You Be???

I've heard this question over and over again..."who are you" and I think the root of most of our problems in life is the loss of  identity; we don't know who we are. I realized lately that the reason most people allow themselves to be used, abused, mistreated, talked to anyhow is majorly because they don't know who they are, they have not come to the knowledge of what they carry and who God has made them to be. The bible says in Psalm 139:14 that we are " fearfully and wonderfully made", note the two words, fearfully and Wonderfully,  have you ever thought about what it means to "fearfully" make something? As in you are making something and you are so scared of anything going wrong that you are so focused on making it right. Which invariably means that God made us as perfect as He wanted each one of us to be because He paid extra attention to the creation process of each and everyone of us. Why am I going on and on about our identity? I rea

Advancement Indeed

Hey everyone, welcome to my own authorized space for ranting and raving about what is going on in my head. I can't believe am finally doing this...yaaayyy. When my Pastor declared this year as our year of Supernatural Advancement , it didn't even register in my head that blogging will be part of my advancement. To you, it might seem like "why is she spiritualising blogging again"? well, am "spiritualising" it because I like to talk about all the injustice in this world especially when it concerns my gender and how its not fair and something should be done about it. The only problem is "I talk about it in my head and in my mind", now if I decide to get out there and speak out(I hope I do not get into trouble sha), then its Advancement indeed. So join me on this jolly ride as I try to share my point of view on issues and also try to remain objective about them. After all, its just my OWN point of view, not everybody's own.          Thank You f