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Stop Child Sexual Abuse - Introduction

Hello everyone. I stated in my initial POST that we are starting a training session on stopping Child sexual abuse in conjunction with Ibukun Onitiju and Praise Fowowe. Please relax, read, enjoy, learn and forward to others, let us stop these pedophiles in our society. Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 1 Mind & Mouth is privileged and pleased to be partnering with an authority in Sex & Family Matters in Nigeria to deliver this training. I have personally learnt from and been under training with Praise Fowowe , the visionary leader for Praise Fowowe International ( ). Let’s meet Praise Fowowe: Praise Fowowe is an International sexuality education strategist / Advisor, family life coach and crisis manager. He is driven and highly passionate about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in Africa as well as build the most desirable marriages in the country. A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on rela


Who runs the world? girls! thanks to Queen B, even if we didn't know that we women had the power to run the world, she reminded us. I am all for girl power, women empowerment, I feel women can do ANYTHING they put their hearts to without coming second to men, I believe that in the beginning, God made us male and female and gave us the same mandate with men to multiply, replenish, dominate, subdue and so on.  What I have also discovered is that women being treated as second class citizens and the general feeling we get that we are less humans is not so much the men' s fault as much as it is our fault. We are our own worst enemies! We treat fellow women with disdain and then wonder why men are treating women without respect. Women are labeled worldwide to be the worst bosses and it doesn't get better when they are dealing with women like them, in fact it is worse. Don't let me even get started with the way we bad mouth any woman or lady we see that's doing well