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  As we are rounding up this year, I have decided to count my blessings and look back on all the wonderful things God has done for me in 2013. I know it is easier to dwell on the things He has not done, the goals that were not achieved and the many things I trusted God to do this year that has not being done but then again, I remember that "only great fools are not grateful". I also remember that only the living can dream, can complain, can cry, can have goals and since am still alive, God deserves my gratitude. So without much ado, Let me start counting the blessings I have enjoyed so far in 2013 especially the ones money can't buy : 1. Life - I can't thank God enough for being alive, I try as much as possible not to take it for granted that I AM ALIVE. Many people have died this year and my being alive is not because I am more righteous or more prayerful, its simply by the mercy and grace of God. 2. God - I am super grateful for my relationship wit


If there is one thing I have learnt in this short life of mine and in my even shorter journey as a Christian, it is that there is little we can achieve on our own. I know that we are told every day by motivational speakers, pastors, media and co that we should dream bigger, work harder, do this better, aim higher, do this and do that but I am here to tell you that even with all the rules and principles, THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  Yeah, I just said that, sue The reason am writing about grace is because I suddenly thought about my life, my family, my dreams and desires, where I am today, where I want to be tomorrow, where I wish I was and I realized that even though am not exactly "living the dream", I have come farther than I expected I will and I can only attribute it to GRACE. Even our journey as Christians is a grace - journey because as much as we try to walk the walk and talk the talk, we still make some "mistakes' here and there and