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FOR SINGLES ONLY - #thesinglelife

Hello my People, hope we are enjoying life and enjoying God. So I saw this beautiful and insightful post on Femmetotale a really great blog for the contemporary christian young woman , you should check it out. Anyways, I saw this post for singles and I thought it will be great to share it with my fellow singles Its a long read but its worth it. So sit back, read, learn and share. God bless you. For singles only – #TheSingleLife Thursday evening and I had just come home from work. It was one of those extremely busy days at the office. As I climbed up the stairs, the only thing on my mind was how to lie on my bed and have a really long sleep. The moment I got in, I took off my shoes and lay on the floor, too tired to even shower before falling into a sound slumber. I eventually woke up just a few minutes after I slept, my phone was just blaring into my ears much to my chagrin. I had no choice but to freshen up and get comfortable. Then I picked up


Read part one of this  post to get the full gist...*winks* Okay, a miracle happened and the miracle was very unexpected, it came at a time I least expected it. I was praying but you know the way most of us behave na, we will pray and pray and yet in our minds, we are rationalizing that what we are asking for will come at "so and so" So this is how the miracle happened - I suddenly got leave for one week at work, and because the leave was totally unexpected, I didn't have plans except to sleep, eat and laze around. The first morning of my leave , I just decided to visit the Secondary School I had in mind for the program with my request letter. I saw the Vice principal and he was so pleasant, after a short discussion, he told me the school was going on mid - term break but that they were resuming the following Monday and he said I could come and hold the program on the Wednesday after resumption.  I was surprised, frightened, happy, and some other rea


If there is one thing that I am passionate about besides God and my family, its the female gender. I can't remember how, why or when I started but one thing I do remember is that whenever I hear about women being abused, violated or treated unfairly, I was always going on and on about it, in fact some of my friends know that if they want to get me worked up, just start talking about women being maltreated.  As I was growing older, I discovered and learnt that if you don't like something the way it is, then do something about it. So I started thinking and praying, what can I do about the issues that women go through that usually upsets me? Because I knew it wasn't enough to just complain and rant and shout or even pray, I knew I needed to try and effect change in my own little way. Anyways, about 4 years ago while I was still in the University, I got this fantastic idea to organize a program for ladies in my school that will educate us about sex, dating, marriage,