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Do you remember when you were growing up and everything was simpler, when what was right was right and what was wrong was just that....wrong! I mean the times when we didn't find an excuse for every wrong doing, we didn't justify the bad things we did or people did, we had morals and we were straightforward enough to own up when we miss it or misbehave instead of explaining it away. Do you remember how it was such a taboo not to be a virgin when a lady is getting married? (We might not have been born then but we heard the gist), nowadays, its the virgins that are ashamed to talk or shout it out because we have somehow erased the thin line between right and wrong that we now unconsciouly accept that its okay to sleep around while still single, infact some guys are not keen on marrying virgins because 'they lack experience'. Do you remember how people would rather die than divorce their partners? (disclaimer, I don't advocate for people to stay in abusive marria