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I know there are lots of single ladies like me who will like to get married some day. Some are more than happy to marry now while some are still enjoying the single life so much that they don't want to marry anytime soon. whichever category you fall into, the bottom line is that an average young person does not want to be single for the rest of his/her life. What I have also discovered is that most times we say we are ready to get married because we think we old enough, we don't really sit down to consider all other factors to know if we are truly ready to be tied to someone else for the rest of our lives. The fact that you have finished university and you are older than 25 and all your mates are getting married doesn't mean YOU are ready to be married. I came across a check list for a godly young woman that can be used to determine if she is truly ready to be married. Trust me, when I saw the check list ehn, fear catch me...there is a lot to be done. I decided to sh

Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 5

Welcome to the last training in this series. It's been really insightful and eye - opening and I hope this training has saved a child or children out there. Thanks to everyone who has been following us on this journey.   Today, we tackle the really sensitive age of preteens range. I remember when I was this age, I was in a boarding school and trying my best to do well in my studies. While that is still true for many children within this age range, I know that they face a lot more pressure from different sources than what I faced at that time. “A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood” — Pastor Nike Adeyemi Let’s welcome Praise Fowowe again to Mind and Mouth as he delivers today’s part of the series on stopping child sexual abuse! I want to really appreciate the numerous responses since we started this sexuality education series. The positive  feedback  we have been getting from you has really been encouraging and I am so certain that the

Stop Child Sexual Abuse Training 4

Hello everyone, How was the Easter break? I hope beyond the merriment and the thrill of having a longggg holiday, we were able to reflect on the love that Christ has for us and the commandment He has given us to extend same to others. First of all, I want to apologize for posting this training late. I  was supposed to post it yesterday but due to some factors, I was not able to. So without much ado, lets get down to serious business. Today, we are moving on to older children between the ages of 5 – 8 years. You will agree with me that crucial things happen within this age range. “A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood” — Pastor Nike Adeyemi Let’s welcome Praise Fowowe again to Mind and Mouth as he delivers the 4th part of the series on stopping child sexual abuse! For parents with children between the age range of 5 – 8 years here are the basic traits you may likely experience with your children -          Unpredictable mood swings -          Beco

Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 3

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the "Stop Child Sexual abuse training" that I have been so privileged to share here courtesy Praise Fowowe and Ibukun Onitiju. This is the third training in the series, we have had two previous posts on this particular topic. So if this is your first time of hearing or reading about it on this blog, please visit HERE and HERE to catch up. Without wasting too much of our time, let's get to today's training. Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 3 Hi, I hope you learnt something in the last training. I have started receiving comments and I had the opportunity to interview a confident young lady who shared her story with me. She  is now a strong ambassador for the cause to create awareness and eradicate child sexual abuse. In her story, she was abused by her uncle from 6 years and because she didn’t know better, she did not understand what was going on. It was some years later in secondary school that she understood the

Protected: Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 2

Hello My people, trust you had a great weekend. I hope you all remember the "stop child sexual abuse" training that we started last week courtesy of  Praise Fowowe and Ibukun Onitiju . Well, in case you missed the introduction, go and check it out HERE sharparly, no time to waste. So, according to what I promised last week, the first part of the training is here and is for kids between ages 18months to 3 years... yes you heard me, 18 months!!! Sex education should start as early as that, you will learn more from today's training. Lets get down to it.... Let’s welcome Praise Fowowe again to Mind and Mouth as he delivers the first of the series on stopping child sexual abuse! About a year ago I had just released my best selling work ‘Basic Sexual Education Kit ’ when a woman buzzed my line. She wanted to confirm my conviction that sex education should actually start at 18months. According to her ‘The inability of my mother to teach me the proper names for

Stop Child Sexual Abuse - Introduction

Hello everyone. I stated in my initial POST that we are starting a training session on stopping Child sexual abuse in conjunction with Ibukun Onitiju and Praise Fowowe. Please relax, read, enjoy, learn and forward to others, let us stop these pedophiles in our society. Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 1 Mind & Mouth is privileged and pleased to be partnering with an authority in Sex & Family Matters in Nigeria to deliver this training. I have personally learnt from and been under training with Praise Fowowe , the visionary leader for Praise Fowowe International ( ). Let’s meet Praise Fowowe: Praise Fowowe is an International sexuality education strategist / Advisor, family life coach and crisis manager. He is driven and highly passionate about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in Africa as well as build the most desirable marriages in the country. A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on rela


Who runs the world? girls! thanks to Queen B, even if we didn't know that we women had the power to run the world, she reminded us. I am all for girl power, women empowerment, I feel women can do ANYTHING they put their hearts to without coming second to men, I believe that in the beginning, God made us male and female and gave us the same mandate with men to multiply, replenish, dominate, subdue and so on.  What I have also discovered is that women being treated as second class citizens and the general feeling we get that we are less humans is not so much the men' s fault as much as it is our fault. We are our own worst enemies! We treat fellow women with disdain and then wonder why men are treating women without respect. Women are labeled worldwide to be the worst bosses and it doesn't get better when they are dealing with women like them, in fact it is worse. Don't let me even get started with the way we bad mouth any woman or lady we see that's doing well


Do you remember when you were growing up and everything was simpler, when what was right was right and what was wrong was just that....wrong! I mean the times when we didn't find an excuse for every wrong doing, we didn't justify the bad things we did or people did, we had morals and we were straightforward enough to own up when we miss it or misbehave instead of explaining it away. Do you remember how it was such a taboo not to be a virgin when a lady is getting married? (We might not have been born then but we heard the gist), nowadays, its the virgins that are ashamed to talk or shout it out because we have somehow erased the thin line between right and wrong that we now unconsciouly accept that its okay to sleep around while still single, infact some guys are not keen on marrying virgins because 'they lack experience'. Do you remember how people would rather die than divorce their partners? (disclaimer, I don't advocate for people to stay in abusive marria

Seven Areas to pay Attention to in 2014

First of all, I want to apologize for posting this late...procrastination has to STOP this year!!! Okay, like I said in my last post, there are some very important areas in our lives where we really need to pay attention to this year. My pastor preached this message in Church and  it was also shared in the Monday morning e-votional( to subscribe, click  HERE ). So I thought it will be very kind of me to share it here also (I added some "jara" Lets get to it. 1. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FAMILY -  If you are married, pay attention to your spouse, and if you are not, pay attention to your family too. Be an advocate for a great family this year. Build and re-build your relationship with your family. Repair broken relationships, forgive whoever you need to forgive, spend more time with your family, let them know you love them, let go of past hurts and make a commitment to be there for your family this year whether single or married. 2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR

New Year Resolutions and Some Other Things

Happy New Year my people...yaayyyyyyy, it is such a privilege to be alive to see 2014. I am so so so grateful, much so because I know 2014 will be a super duper great year.   With the new year comes new expectations, new dreams, new desires, new goals, new visions and so other many new things. Am aware that most of us are still charged up especially after the word our pastor dished out during the watch night service, the tag line for 2014 and the feeling that comes with being in a new year.  I am also aware that there are people who can't be bothered with new goals for the new year 'cos "they've been there, done that", they have too many unfulfilled goals that they don't even bother with new year goals again, too many dashed desires and dreams that they are now too afraid to dream. Also, with the new year comes RESOLUTIONS...the things we desire never to do again or the things we desire to do in the new year. My Pastor has been saying that, he is sure