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I thought the worst that could happen to the female gender in Nigeria had already happened. After all, women were being raped everyday without anything being done about it, the excuse is that ladies dress provocatively and so they asked for it. Little girls are molested everyday with the pedophiles going scott free, the family members are usually too "ashamed" to talk about it because it is a "taboo" so everyone pretends its normal and we go about our daily hustle. The issue of domestic violence is not considered an issue at all even though some women have been beaten to death, it is considered normal afterall the husband is the head of the family so if the wife misbehaves, she should be disciplined. Some women are made to sleep with the dead bodies of their husband, drink the water that was used to bathe the dead body and even chased out of their homes ( especially if dem no born boy) because they have the "misfortune" of out-living their husbands. So


Okay, I have come again with my ramblings and this time around, its something that has been on my mind lately - I want MORE.... It seems am going through a sort of mid - life crisis (lol) because these days, am beginning to question everything that has always made sense, am getting restless. My birthday is about 28 days away (August 1st, so get your gifts ready ..*winks*) and well, am a few years short of the BIG 30, maybe thats why I've been thinking this way lately. Now when I say "More", I don't mean money or material things(of course I want plenty of that)  what I mean is that I want my life to count more, I want to affect lives more, I want to influence my generation more, I want to be more considerate, I want to be more compassionate, I want to be more loving, more concerned about what is happening in my society, more committed to God, more committed to growth and development. I don't want to wake up one day and discover that all I have to my life is