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Seven Areas to pay Attention to in 2014

First of all, I want to apologize for posting this late...procrastination has to STOP this year!!! Okay, like I said in my last post, there are some very important areas in our lives where we really need to pay attention to this year. My pastor preached this message in Church and  it was also shared in the Monday morning e-votional( to subscribe, click  HERE ). So I thought it will be very kind of me to share it here also (I added some "jara" Lets get to it. 1. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FAMILY -  If you are married, pay attention to your spouse, and if you are not, pay attention to your family too. Be an advocate for a great family this year. Build and re-build your relationship with your family. Repair broken relationships, forgive whoever you need to forgive, spend more time with your family, let them know you love them, let go of past hurts and make a commitment to be there for your family this year whether single or married. 2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR

New Year Resolutions and Some Other Things

Happy New Year my people...yaayyyyyyy, it is such a privilege to be alive to see 2014. I am so so so grateful, much so because I know 2014 will be a super duper great year.   With the new year comes new expectations, new dreams, new desires, new goals, new visions and so other many new things. Am aware that most of us are still charged up especially after the word our pastor dished out during the watch night service, the tag line for 2014 and the feeling that comes with being in a new year.  I am also aware that there are people who can't be bothered with new goals for the new year 'cos "they've been there, done that", they have too many unfulfilled goals that they don't even bother with new year goals again, too many dashed desires and dreams that they are now too afraid to dream. Also, with the new year comes RESOLUTIONS...the things we desire never to do again or the things we desire to do in the new year. My Pastor has been saying that, he is sure