There is this saying that "you never know your limits until you push them" and everyday I have discovered more and more that its true. When you think  you can't survive another crisis or issue, something else happens and even though it initially felt like you were going down with the crisis, you are here, still standing strong. This goes to show that we have great capabilities and strength inside of us much more than we can ever imagine.
I know there are voices everyday, situations that makes you feel inadequate, less pretty, less smart, very weak but keep believing that you are stronger, more powerful, more talented and more beautiful than you think.
I have come to understand that there is an incredible amount of strength in us especially as women. We have lots of role to fill; wife, mother, sister, daughter, co -worker, friend e.t.c and sometimes when I think about it, even though am still single, I get scared and I wonder if I can fill all these roles and balance them well without one doing well at the expense of the other. However, I gain strength from other women I see who have gone ahead and made a success of their lives, families and careers.
I don't doubt it that there will always be people who seem to be smarter, stronger or more beautiful but I have made a decision to always believe in myself and believe in God who says "He is with me always and His strength is made perfect in my weakness".
This simply tells me that whenever we feel weak, God's strength is there for us to lean on, in fact, His strength can only be manifested when we are weak and we admit that weakness to God and ask for His strength. 
To people who sometimes feel inadequate and weak like me, this is a reminder that You are stronger than you think, because God’s strength is perfected in your weakness.

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