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Hello everyone, its good to be back here once again.  Recently, I read some posts on Bellanaija that concerns marriage, " They want to feel wanted all the time " and  " a guy will always weigh his options ". In my opinion, as good as these articles are, especially in these days of marriages dissolving after 2 days or 2 months, its quite necessary to teach people how to make their marriage work. However, I feel these articles are making it seem like it is the job of the woman alone to make a marriage work which I think is totally unfair and untrue (we will leave this topic for another day). In the light of this, I think it is very necessary to share with you what we were taught when my Church - Lighthouse, organized a program for singles (The Marriage Orientation Program)it was quite insightful and I think sharing some tips on KNOWING WHOM TO MARRY ( thank me later..winks) can help us avoid some unnecessary wahala later on in marriage. Here we go: 1.You w