Okay, I have come again with my ramblings and this time around, its something that has been on my mind lately - I want MORE.... It seems am going through a sort of mid - life crisis (lol) because these days, am beginning to question everything that has always made sense, am getting restless.
My birthday is about 28 days away (August 1st, so get your gifts ready ..*winks*) and well, am a few years short of the BIG 30, maybe thats why I've been thinking this way lately.
Now when I say "More", I don't mean money or material things(of course I want plenty of that)  what I mean is that I want my life to count more, I want to affect lives more, I want to influence my generation more, I want to be more considerate, I want to be more compassionate, I want to be more loving, more concerned about what is happening in my society, more committed to God, more committed to growth and development. I don't want to wake up one day and discover that all I have to my life is that I was born, went to school, got a degree or two, got married, had children, built one house or two, got a few cars and..... waiting to die. It seems really miserable to me and while I was in the University I thought that if I can just come out of school with a good grade, get a good job, marry a good man and have good children, life will be beautiful. But here I am, almost three years after school and God has been super good to me, I have a good job that I can categorically say I got through the grace of God and I am more convinced than ever that God won't give me anything less than the best in marriage, so what exactly brought about this restlessness?
 I came to understand that I was created for much more than this, I was created to influence my society, bring about change, that the sum of my life is not just to have money, get married and live happily ever after. I once heard somewhere that if  a woman feels that all there is to her is to give birth then what makes her different from the animals since dogs, goats, sheep e.t.c. reproduce. While I am not saying having children is not important ( am really looking forward to it), I really believe there is more to life than that. In view of this, I'm re-evaluating my life, re-evaluating the relationships I have, learning to put other people's need ahead of mine (still struggling), be more sensitive to the needs in the society and so on. All these things won't come easy but one thing I know is that God's grace is more than sufficient for me. 

So am calling on everyone who wants more, who do not want to settle for the ordinary but wants the extra - ordinary, to get up, dust your shoes, you have stayed too long in the status quo. Its time to stand out , be different, make a difference and DO MORE!!!!.

Thanks for stopping by, stay positive...xxx


  1. There's always more..more than the kids, jobs, husbands..
    God wants more from us. Wants us to stand in the gap, wants us to Fufil our purpose in Him.
    God help us all.His grace is sufficient

    1. Yes o Frances, we can't settle for less. Thanks for reading.


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