Advancement Indeed

Hey everyone, welcome to my own authorized space for ranting and raving about what is going on in my head. I can't believe am finally doing this...yaaayyy. When my Pastor declared this year as our year of Supernatural Advancement, it didn't even register in my head that blogging will be part of my advancement. To you, it might seem like "why is she spiritualising blogging again"? well, am "spiritualising" it because I like to talk about all the injustice in this world especially when it concerns my gender and how its not fair and something should be done about it. The only problem is "I talk about it in my head and in my mind", now if I decide to get out there and speak out(I hope I do not get into trouble sha), then its Advancement indeed. So join me on this jolly ride as I try to share my point of view on issues and also try to remain objective about them. After all, its just my OWN point of view, not everybody's own.

         Thank You for stopping by... Stay Positive


  1. Awesome!!!
    I salute the "gigantism" behind your strides on this Damilola.
    An audacious step I must say!
    I know you are psycologically sound enough to not just get this consistently rolling but to also create an online presence that will keep your readers glued and constantly stalking in anticipation for the next article.
    Though my gender won't be too involved as you've established, do accept my promise of being a perpetual passer-by on here.
    Way to go girl!
    Two thumbs up. *winks*

  2. Thanks Gbenga, really appreciate your promised support. Will try to involve ur genda so u won't be totally left out(winks).

  3. hi dammi. i think your blog is such an amazing forum. but i find it so difficult to read. i think the words are to close together. hope you dont take this the wrong way because u have such inspiring message so mayb spacing the line and changing your font style might help. i really do love you entries

  4. Thank you sooo much Nikki for this honest feedback. I' ve taken note and appropriate changes will be made. Thanks once again.


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