Times and Seasons

Hello blogfam, its been a while right, apologies for the long silence, hopefully it won't happen again.
So today, I want to blog about Time and Seasons because I have realized that we human beings are very fond of measuring everything and everyone by time or seasons. We sometimes attach greater importance to how quickly we achieve something much more than the quality of the achievement. What am I trying to say here? Let me give some common examples - We will rather finish school at a certain age with anyhow grade, studying anyhow course rather than spend time waiting on God to discover purpose and know the particular course we should study, why we should study it and if we should even bother going to the university at all. Another example is marriage - We will most times rather rush into marriage with someone we most likely know we are not compatible with but because we want to be married at a certain age, we will ignore all the signs and just go ahead so that we can be socially acceptable and escape the criticism that comes with "marrying late".
Lately, I have been thinking about this "time and Season" issue and one question that has constantly being on my mind is this - By whose standard are we measuring time? This is because if we go by God's standard (which by the way should be the only STANDARD), we will have more understanding of this time issue and we won't constantly be measuring ourselves based on how quickly we have done or achieved somethings. The Bible states here that "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day" (2 Peter 3:8). This goes to show that God does not measure time the way we human beings do and He is of course not limited by time as well. I know that we human beings are not immortal the way God is and based on that, we try to achieve as much as possible in this one life that God has given us but I am also saying that in the bid to achieve so much, let us try not to run ahead of God or disregard the things God is doing in our life per time because it does not meet up with our schedule.

Everyone of us has a schedule, we all allot time to some certain occurrences in our life - I will be done with school at this age, I will get my masters at this age, I will marry at this age, I will finish having children at this age E.T.C. However, for some of us, life has not turned out to be that way, our timing has totally been off ...I fall into this category of people. I have always considered myself a late bloomer..lol. I mean most of my milestones in life have been achieved not at the time most of my mates were achieving them but by my own schedule, later times. This has always bothered me and I always thought something was wrong with me until lately God started revealing some things to me and making me understand that God does not work with our calender, calling myself a late bloomer means I am measuring my progress by a standard other than God's which of course is a direct result of comparison. The major reason most of us feel left behind or feel we are late is because we are constantly measuring our progress and achievements based on people around us and God frowns at this behavior - "But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise".(2 Corinthians 10:12B).
Now, I am not encouraging people to be slow or lazy or slothful, what I am simply saying is that we should learn to wait on God (Psalm 27:14) and not constantly run ahead of God because we want to beat some imaginary time or because we have to achieve something quickly because it has to be done within a certain season.

Let me finish by quoting something from a comment made by Rexie on Prettyperfectliving post on Instagram, it totally blessed me - " You are not blooming late, because even when you can't see it, God is constantly working on you. It's up to us to remain steadfast (a challenge sometimes), work diligently, faithfully and consistently (faith without works people!) and believe in the promises for us. Don't forget to celebrate the achievements of others, what God has done for them, He can and wants to do for you" (in His time). 

Thanks for stopping by, stay positive... xxx


  1. Indeed,God is a God of times and Seasons. We just need to keep trusting that indeed he loves us too much to watch us derail

  2. There is no time says the busy man without hope, oh really, a popular Nigerian artist said, 'leave the calendar and look at the commander'.
    There is no harm in waiting on God 'cause when you do, the result is always favourable!
    Its nice in here *looks around . . . *runs away

    1. Yes o, waiting on God is the best decision ever. Thank you Godfirst..lol


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