Seven Areas to pay Attention to in 2014

First of all, I want to apologize for posting this late...procrastination has to STOP this year!!!

Okay, like I said in my last post, there are some very important areas in our lives where we really need to pay attention to this year. My pastor preached this message in Church and  it was also shared in the Monday morning e-votional( to subscribe, click HERE ). So I thought it will be very kind of me to share it here also (I added some "jara" Lets get to it.

1. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FAMILY -  If you are married, pay attention to your spouse, and if you are not, pay attention to your family too. Be an advocate for a great family this year. Build and re-build your relationship with your family. Repair broken relationships, forgive whoever you need to forgive, spend more time with your family, let them know you love them, let go of past hurts and make a commitment to be there for your family this year whether single or married.
2. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH - It is a healthy mind that is a productive mind. Choose a healthy and balanced diet. Plan for rest and holidays throughout this year, don't burn out. I heard of quite a number of people who slumped and died last year, people that are yet to clock 50, you hear stories of people who died behind their steering, on toilet seats in the office or people who just slip or fall and they die like that. Health is wealth, lets not chase money to the detriment of our health...only the living can spend money o, your family and friends still needs you, God still needs you to do somethings here and even Nigeria needs you.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR "SERVICE TO HUMANITY" - Your life is beyond just working to put food on the table and living the life, you were born "ON PURPOSE FOR A PURPOSE". You are here for a purpose that will benefit humanity, there are people's lives tied to your destiny. If you have not discovered what you want to contribute as your service to humanity, this year is the year to find out and also do something worthwhile.

4. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FINANCES - Be a good steward of the resources you have been given, this year, manage your resources better. Have a good financial plan and stick to it, don't get carried away by the "need to impress people"... don't spend what you don't have to buy what you don't need to impress the people you don't know. Be financially wise this year!!!

5.PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BUSINESS -Be creative and innovative in your business this year. Don't limit yourself, think out of the box, the only person that can limit you is YOU.

6. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CAREER - Don't go through your career haphazardly. Be strategic in your career moves, take courses, do certifications, don't become too satisfied with the status quo.

7. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR RELATIONSHIPS - Don't trivialize relationships, cherish every relationship you have. Every relationship has a purpose, its either for a reason or for a season, don't take pride in destroying relationships and doing away with people. Be accommodating, flexible, tolerant and friendly. A famous quote read - "if I have seen far, its because I stand on the shoulders of men".

2014 is another year to do things better and get better results, lets make a commitment to achieve more this year than we did last year.

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