New Year Resolutions and Some Other Things

Happy New Year my people...yaayyyyyyy, it is such a privilege to be alive to see 2014. I am so so so grateful, much so because I know 2014 will be a super duper great year.  
With the new year comes new expectations, new dreams, new desires, new goals, new visions and so other many new things. Am aware that most of us are still charged up especially after the word our pastor dished out during the watch night service, the tag line for 2014 and the feeling that comes with being in a new year.  I am also aware that there are people who can't be bothered with new goals for the new year 'cos "they've been there, done that", they have too many unfulfilled goals that they don't even bother with new year goals again, too many dashed desires and dreams that they are now too afraid to dream. Also, with the new year comes RESOLUTIONS...the things we desire never to do again or the things we desire to do in the new year. My Pastor has been saying that, he is sure that most people forget their resolutions after the first few weeks or even days because by the time you experience the Lagos traffic and the even crazier drivers, the resolution you made not to curse or yell at people just flies out of the window. No wonder most of us like Paul keep doing the things we wished we were not doing and the very things we want to do, we find it difficult to do them.

So what is the way out you ask... the way out is to make these resolutions based on the word of God and also ask God for help because by ourselves, we can do nothing (John 5:30A) but through the help of God we can do ALL things (Phil 4: 13). I also think that the most important resolution we can make this year is to know God more and show more love to people around. There are a lot of people hurting in our world and I know it is very easy to get caught up in our own"issues and troubles", "mind our own business" but remember that God has placed you where you are now so that you can help other people, you are blessed to be a blessing. No matter how small, you can still be a blessing to others this year. Lets make it a priority to cultivate good relationships, nurture the ones we already have and do away with the toxic ones that are doing us more harm than good. 

This year has been declared our year of ESTABLISHMENT (Psalm 138:8) and I strongly believe that God is set to establish us this year. God bless and keep us, cause His face to shine upon us and perfect everything that concerns us in Jesus name.
I will be doing a follow - up post to this on the things we need to pay attention to this year, very important. This year has to be different!!!

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