Helloooooooooooooooooooo my people, it's been a really lonnnnnnnng time *covers face*. I really can't explain how it has taken me so long to blog, truthfully there is just no excuse but I sincerely apologize to everyone for the long silence and I promise to rectify my ways this year. Before I bore you with my stories however, let me first of all wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR...wohooo. I have to confess that entering a new year brings such an incredible feeling, that feeling of hope, of faith, of freshness, new beginnings, the feeling of being alive despite all odds...I could go on and on but it sure feels great to be alive to witness a new year. I am really looking forward to the great things this year has in store for us. 
So what are your new year resolutions? (big grin), what do you plan to do differently this year? Am sure my post is really late as most people would have planned their new year resolutions by 31st December or November sef, but hey, it's fine if you are a late comer like Its not about writing it down anyway, its about actually putting into action whatever was written down. For example, I am already doing one of my resolutions - to start blogging again...yayyyy. It is a good feeling to actually put into action what you have decided to do.
So considering that this is my first post in about seven or eight months, I will keep it short. However, the challenge and the morale of today's post is to actually START whatever you have planned to do. Darlings, the new year, the 2015 in which you were planning to do all those beautiful things has started already. Heck, we have spent 13 days just like that. Before you know it, January would have ended, so NO PROCRASTINATION this year. Our mantra on this blog for 2015 is "JUST DO IT" ..yep, its Nike

Don't let this year be like those other years where you repeat the same resolutions year in, year out because the one you wrote down for last year was not done so you had to write it down this year again and the cycle just keeps going on and on and on. This year has to be different for you and for me. We are going out fully to actually ACHIEVE all our goals with God on our side. We will not give up or get frustrated along the way because "We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us" (Philippians 4:13). 
Cheers to a good and fruitful year !!!

Thanks for stopping by, stay positive... xxx


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