Based on the few posts that I have written on this blog and the fact that I stated in my profile that I might be a bit of a feminist, many people have labeled me as a Feminist. While I do not mind being called a feminist, the meaning many people have given feminists is not something I would like to be associated with. According to most people around here, when they hear FEMINIST, what they immediately think is that "this person hates all men and think women are better , doesn't want to get married, fights men all the time , wants women to be treated like men, doesn't want to give birth or take time to take care of children and blah blah blah. I agree that quite a number of women are actually like this and that the most widely accepted definition of feminism is " as a movement, is about women living on equal terms with men--and not pushed down, by law or by culture, into a subservient role".
Well, let me say that I believe passionately in women’s rights. I believe in human rights. I believe in rights in general. I would never promote something that is an insult to women, or something that marginalizes women. Whilst I love that women have much more freedom now than they used to, and can work as well as provide for their children alone if they have to, I do not believe a woman’s worth should be judged by her “achievements” at university, school, in the workplace, in sports or her physical looks. The real worth of a woman is much more than all of these things put together. True feminism as most people are now beginning to understand is not fighting men and carrying placards that women should not cook, TRUE FEMINISM to me is when a woman fulfills purpose all round, when a woman isn't ashamed to want a man to take care of her, when a woman is proud to be a nurturer (nurturing her children), when a woman is strong, compassionate, a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter in-law, loves God and is not ashamed to show her emotions when necessary. I particularly admire women who are at the top of their game either in their career or business, have very stable and enviable marriage, have well behaved children, have a good relationship with their maker and generally live a balanced life.
So as we celebrate the International Women's Day today, I say a shout out to all the amazingly strong, passionate, purpose driven, responsible, intelligent and kindhearted women out there. May God continue to strengthen and keep you.

Thank You for stopping by... stay positive xxx


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