Hello beautiful people, how are you all doing? I am really excited about this month because, yes you guessed right - its my birthday month and even though the birthday has passed (it was 1st of August), I already sense that this month will be great. 
So during the months building up to my birthday, I was thinking of the things I was trusting God for in this new year and while I was day dreaming and compiling my lists for God, a question dropped in my heart - "why do you want these things" ?

Human needs are insatiable, the more we have, the more we want to have. We are constantly thinking of the things we lack while taking the focus off the things we do have, its a constant rat race. The desire to have everything consumes us so much that most times we spend more than half of our lives acquiring things that we don't need and spend so much time doing things that do not matter. 
In as much as we have needs that should be met, we should also consider our motives when we are pursuing those needs. Why do you want the things you want?
The reason why we don't get what we are asking from God sometimes is because our motives are not right. God sees the heart, He probably knows that the reason you've been active in church is because you want something from Him and the minute you get that thing, you will disappear from church. We have become so focused on getting things from God that we sometimes forget that God is our source, everything else is a resource. If God does not see enough maturity in us to handle some gifts or if our motives are not right, He will not give those gifts to us. The bible says here that "When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures" James 4;3 (NIV)

Ultimately, as Christians our lives should bring glory to God. So whatever we want or are pursuing, if it does not bring glory to God, it is not worth it. We need to constantly and daily do self- evaluation. We need to consciously check our motives because we are in a time and age where everyone wants to show they are better than the next person, our generation is so vain that if you don't know who you are and what you believe, you will begin to question even your faith.

So the next time you are asking God for something or you are grumbling that God has not answered your prayers, ask yourself these questions - "Are my motives right"? "Will it bring glory to God"?, "Is it God's will for me"? Take time to consider these things and make adjustments where necessary.

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