Protected: Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Training 2

Hello My people, trust you had a great weekend. I hope you all remember the "stop child sexual abuse" training that we started last week courtesy of Praise Fowowe and Ibukun Onitiju. Well, in case you missed the introduction, go and check it out HERE sharparly, no time to waste. So, according to what I promised last week, the first part of the training is here and is for kids between ages 18months to 3 years... yes you heard me, 18 months!!! Sex education should start as early as that, you will learn more from today's training. Lets get down to it....

Let’s welcome Praise Fowowe again to Mind and Mouth as he delivers the first of the series on stopping child sexual abuse!
About a year ago I had just released my best selling work ‘Basic Sexual Education Kit when a woman buzzed my line. She wanted to confirm my conviction that sex education should actually start at 18months. According to her
‘The inability of my mother to teach me the proper names for body parts cost me 7 years of sexual abuse by my neighbour’ Her story was so pathetic that I was able to narrow it down to her inability to pronounce Penis. She recalled, ‘I ran to my mother to report how uncle inserted a nail inside my bum bum but she joined my other siblings to laugh at me’.
She stopped talking to them afterwards and the predator abused her for 7 years. She is now a mother of 2 but buzzed my line after seeing my sexuality education DVD to confirm the fact that sexuality education should start at 18months.
So you might want to ask why?
What is there to teach an 18 months old about sex and what can that child understand?
There is a lot to teach because understanding the tendencies of children at that age helps you to understand their thought pattern. Here are the traits of children within this age range
-  They are more aware of themselves and environment
-  They imitate what they see people do especially you
-  They follow simple commands and understand simple questions
-  They don’t understand consequences of things so try to touch everything
-  They can appreciate a simple story and song because their attention span is very short
-  At 2 years they can learn 50 words every month.
-  When they throw temper tantrums, and demonstrate stubbornness, it’s their way of saying ‘NO’
-  They can participate in group plays at 3 years.

So here is what to teach: - ‘My Body and I’

Many people feel sexual education is all about penetration and intercourse. It is actually more than that.  Let me help you understand that you might teach a lot through songs and stories but all must be aimed at helping the child know the proper names for body parts:
The predator (abuser/paedophile) would usually capitalize on the ignorance of your child at this age especially with respect to correct pronunciation of body parts. So here you teach about the body of your child as well as teaching them the proper pronunciation of different body parts. You also need to differentiate between private and public parts.
We have developed a workbook and audio songs for teaching sex at this stage effectively. The SuperKidz resource will be available for you at the end of this training series.
Start by teaching them about public parts after which you move to private parts.
Public Parts Private Parts 
Eyes Lips
Ear Laps
Hair Bumbum
Hands Vagina for girls
Legs Penis for boys
Explain to your 18 months – 3 years that public parts are those parts that they can share with people and people can see and touch while private parts are those parts they must not allow people touch or use. And please call them their proper names like Penis being Penis (It’s not ‘dongle dongle’ ‘kokoro’ or ‘jongbojongbo’ or ‘ayanyan’ etc)
Teach them that they must police and cover private parts. I have added lips as a private part because the predator usually starts with the lips through kiss.
Let me warn here that if you are fond of kissing your 18 months – 3 years on the lips you might need to avoid that and kiss them on the cheek because the predator refers to that as daddy’s play and goes ahead to start kissing your child without your knowledge.
There are some stories you may need to use here to strengthen what you just taught your child.
Finally you may need to carry out some forms of routine check on children within this age range by asking them if anyone tried touching their private parts and asked them not to tell mummy. Children are very innocent and will open up to you and if they don’t (because sometimes the predator warns them never to tell anyone if they don’t want their parent to die) observe their composure it will give you a clue.
Always be calm when dealing with these children in case they share something with you. Don’t shout on them but understand that they need to be protected at all cost.
Fire on the mountain – When a lively child suddenly withdraws or suddenly begins to cry at the sight of a particular person. You may need to find out the true state of things. It is not impossible that abuse is taking place.
Learning Points –
-          Sex Education should start early (as early as 18 months)
-          Teach your 18 months – 3 yr old child  proper pronunciation body parts
-          Differentiate between private and public parts
-          Perform regular checks with your child
-          Be calm when dealing with cases of sexual abuse

 Last word from ME
I hope you have learnt one or two things from this training today, please share with everyone around you. Kids are being molested everyday, its time to put a stop to it.

The next training will be posted next week Monday, stay tuned !!!

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